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We are Electrical Engineers. Our goal is committed to Innovation!
  • RF Hardware Design

    ISM SoC Radios, RFID, Antenna design, EMC trobuleshooting

  • Embedded Firmware Design

    System Level Design, 8bit MCU, EFM32, ARM, FPGA, Sensors

  • Smartphone Applications

    Creating custom Android and iOS app for our HW

  • SDR and DSP development

    Cost effective Software Defined Receiver and Transmitter solutions

Hungarian, European and US mid size to global multinational companies. Startups.

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Our goal is to create an excellent product for you! From System Level Design till Mass Production.
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András Körmendi

Embedded HW/SW Engineer, Consultant, Innovator
I passionately seek opportunities to help people reach their goals. I am at my best when I do it in the fascinating world of embedded electronics. The only limit is imagination when designing the future of electronics.
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András Retzler

Software Engineer, Consultant
I love writing code to solve complex problems. Sometimes I code Verilog for an FPGA project, sometimes I develop JavaScript for a HTML5 site. I’m into Software Defined Radio and signal processing, so I also work on my open source SDR projects.
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Szilárd Gerlei

Software Engineer, Mobile Applications
My main field is the mobile development. All the same C, C++, Perl, Bash languages are also being in my abstract heap. I love to find the best way to resolve of complex problems even if I have to use Dijkstra’s algorithm or else.
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Zoltán Dóczi

RF HW Engineer, Consultant, Startupper
I’m a practical RF HW engineer, with several years of experience in RF HW design and customer support at Silicon Labs. I really enjoy utilizing my complex experience what I’ve gained in my carrier. Thus creating value for my customers as an entrepreneur.

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