RF – Internet of Things

We can assist you in:

  • Complete product design from scratch till mass production
  • Enclosure design involving our industrial designer partners
  • Firmware development
  • Mobile application development
  • MESH network RF evaluation: creating RF test environment, mesh emulation and sniffing/monitoring tools
  • Bluetooth Smart PCB antenna simulation and design
  • Solving harmonic radiation issues
  • Matching network tuning and design
  • RF shielding tricks & re-design hints, additional filtering network design and measurement
  • RF PCB prototyping to assist your quick evaluation
  • EMC troubleshooting and verification in an-echoic antenna chambers
  • Circuitry validations for ETSI / FCC / ARIB / ANATEL standards

Projects and Product Designs

Single channel USB connected Software Defined Radio with USB HUB feature.

Quad channel USB connected, coherent Software Defined Radio

Standalone USB powered frequency mixer and generator device.

RF Mesh Network Hardware Design

  • Design from scratch!
  • Li-Ion battery powered with on-board smart charger and safety elements
  • ARM Cortex M3 32bit CPU architecture
  • Specific peripherals selected and integrated based on our customer’s needs
  • ISM band operation
  • Careful RF chip, charger and peripheral chip-set selection
  • Strategic planning from the first step to facilitate firmware development cycle  too (easy to reach test points, modular concept, etc.)

2.4 GHz  Zigbee RF module design

  • PCB antenna simulation
  • Design and selection from scratch, according to my customers specific needs.
  • Anechoic antenna testsite measurement for checking aginst ETSI / FCC compliance issues before mass production.
  • Arranging pilot run manufacturing before mass production


2.4 GHz Bluetooth Smart Module design on a small footprint

  • PCB antenna simulation, prototyping, measurement and tuning in final environment
  • Conducted and radiated measurements, LPF and matching network optimization



433.92 MHz ISM band keyfob reference design

  • PCB antenna simulation: my client wanted a super-low cost BOM, without any external matching network component (50 ohm by design)
  • Antenna measurement and fine tune on Vector Network Analyzer
  • Considering parasitic effects: hand effect and plastic enclosure
  • An-echoic antenna room tests, EMC compatibility validation against ETSI, FCC (passed)


Raspberry Pi WSPR TX module design

Please find the QRPi manual here: http://j.mp/tapr-qrpi

Published during my presentation at TAPR DCC 2015 conference: https://www.tapr.org/dcc.html

WSPR “Weak Signal Propagation Reporter” is an exciting high coding gain modulation mode, which help radio amateurs to make low power and extremely high range connections (~2000km range@20dBm Finland-Hungary). WSPR is developed by Joe Taylor, K1JT an American astrophysicist and Nobel Prize holder.  When using my module you don’t need an expensive radio transmitter for broadcasting WSPR signals, as the Raspberry Pi does the job.

My plug-in module consist of a: DC block – Band Pass Filter (BPF) – Buffer PA stage – Low Pass Filter (LPF) – ESD protection – ANT wire terminal, in a compact form factor.


Smart RFID tag design – An NFC Bootloader Ready Smart RFID Device

  • 1 year battery lifetime
  • button interface
  • NFC bootloader ready, OTA (over the air) firmware update
  • Multi layer RFID PCB antenna

NFC Bootloader

Android NFC GUI Screenshot

COB design – with 0603 inductor RFID antenna

CNC Black Box – a Battery Powered CNC RS232 SDCard Data Uploader!

Have you ever met the problem “feeding your CNC machine 0-24h” by challenging and old fashioned interfaces like RS232 port, floppy disk, manual type in? That’s a pain! Here comes CNC Black Box which will be an economical solution to keep your CNC-s updated and running non-stop!

For quote and order of CNC Black Box please send an email !


  • Graphical LCD menu with backlight
  • Two push-buttons
  • RS-232 serial interface with DE-9 connector
  • Configurable serial port encoding (7E2, 8N1, 8E1)
  • Various serial port data rate options (2400 baud, 4800 baud… etc.)
  • Integrated ESD protection
  • SDHC memory card support
  • Low power consumption
  • Small form factor
  • Runs off 6RL61 9V battery