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RF Consulting with us on Maven

Consult with me on Maven

EMC troubleshooting, pre compliance, FCC, ETSI

We have +10y experience in RF measurements, pre-compliance, antenna anechoich chamber measurements, shielded boxes, passing ETSI, FCC and other regulations.

Quad Channel Coherent SDR

Quad channel USB connected, coherent Software Defined Radio. Designed from scratch till mass production.

RTL2832U based Software Defined Radio

Single channel USB connected Software Defined Radio with USB HUB feature. Designed from scratch till mass production.

Solar + battery micro grid solution

Complete redesign of a battery charger and power module PCB with solar panel input. The design has 300 components on a PCB with only 2 layers, handling 10+ Amps.

RF Generator /w Silabs EFM8 MCU

USB powered, standalone operation. Designed from scratch till mass production.

0603 inductor RFID antenna

probably worlds most miniature and cheapest RFID antenna

Go to Raspberry Pi Standalone Speaker Amplifier HAT

Raspberry Pi Standalone Speaker Amplifier HAT

Using Raspberries on board PWM audio generator feature adding our some filters and audio amplifier plus the speaker: creating a stand alone active speaker HAT for Raspberry Pi community.

Go to NFC boot loader design

NFC boot loader design

RF HW design considering antenna simulation and tuning, FW design for the boot loader features.

Go to RF HW consulting

RF HW consulting

Transform of a low cost commercial product into high fidelity RF device via clever RF architecture redesign on board.

Standalone Frequency Mixer

Standalone USB powered frequency mixer and generator device.

Go to QRPi the radio front end module for Raspberry Pi

QRPi the radio front end module for Raspberry Pi

A Band Pass Filter + amplifier stage for SDR transmission experiments.

Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wifi antenna simulation and design

From idea till mass production

Go to proxmark3 cad / cam contribution

proxmark3 cad / cam contribution

We helped to ease the manufacturability of the famous proxmark3 tool pcbs

Go to Remote radio head on drone for spectrum monitoring

Remote radio head on drone for spectrum monitoring

Our R&D task focused on creating an “improvised relay” for radio communication use cases or 3D radio spectrum mapping

CNC Black Box – SD card to RS232 adapter

CNC Black Box – a Battery Powered CNC RS232 SDCard Data Uploader! CNC Black Box which will be an economical solution to keep your CNC-s updated and running non-stop.

Our Open Source Hardware Projects

About Us

We are Electrical Engineers. Our goal is committed to Innovation!
  • ISM SoC Radios, RFID, Antenna design, EMC trobuleshooting

  • System Level Design, 8bit MCU, EFM32, ARM, FPGA, Sensors

  • Creating custom Android and iOS app for our HW

  • Cost effective Software Defined Receiver and Transmitter solutions

European and US mid size to global multinational companies. Startups.

OUR Engineering Pool

Our goal is to create an excellent product for you! From System Level Design till Mass Production.

András Körmendi

Embedded HW/SW Engineer, CEO
I passionately seek opportunities to help people reach their goals. I am at my best when I do it in the fascinating world of embedded electronics. The only limit is imagination when designing the future of electronics.

Zoltán Dóczi

Senior RF Engineer
I’m a practical RF Engineer, with several years of experience in RF HW design and customer support of global companies. I really enjoy utilizing my complex experience what I’ve gained in my carrier at Silicon Labs and other places. Thus creating value for my customers as an entrepreneur.

Szilárd Gerlei

Software Engineer, Mobile Applications
My main field is the mobile development. All the same C, C++, Perl, Bash languages are also being in my abstract heap. I love to find the best way to resolve of complex problems even if I have to use Dijkstra’s algorithm or else.

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