Celebrating successful Es’hail 2 / QO-100 GEO HAM satellite WSPR transmission using only 4 milliwatts

WSJT-X waterfall, faint signal is the uploaded WSPR modulation

Windows 10 dashboard of WSJT-X

WEB SDR as monitoring link

– WSPR transmitter: QRP Labs U3S kit at 2m mode WSPR, using GPS calibration (later might trying OCXO option)
– 2m BPF
Morfeus converter
– a Minicircuits ZX60-43-S+ RF amplifier block (single stage)
– 2.4 GHz BPF
– 5 turn LHCP helical and 1m parabolic dish
Virtual Audio Cable SW tool for routing web sdr audio to WSJT-X
WSJT-X windows decoder program
UK WEB SDR for monitoring reception (if you dont have an RX link on site)

the whole setup in a provisioned container
Ultimate 3S kit setting in WSPR TX mode
Morfeus in mixer mode, up-converting 144 MHz WSPR, using the shown 2.255 GHz mixing frequency