Lookup IC logos

Someday you may want to know from the chip package marking that what brand of  chip you have. For this the following sites may give a help for you: http://www.elnec.com/support/ic-logos/?method=logo http://www.ecworld.ru/ewg/icweb.htm  

Signal Hound Spectrum Analyzers are HDSDR compatible now!

“Well, we just delivered, and we are now providing the necessary files for interfacing the popular and free SDR software—HDSDR—for all of our receivers. This includes all SA and BB series analyzers. Combining the HDSDR software with your Signal Hound spectrum analyzer turns the system into a flexible software radio. You can download the files Read more about Signal Hound Spectrum Analyzers are HDSDR compatible now![…]

RSA306 USB Spectrum Analyzer from Tektronix

Wow…looks quite impressive compared to the competitors: http://www.tek.com/spectrum-analyzer/rsa306 http://bcove.me/cdif7glh http://www.tek.com/datasheet/rsa306/rsa306-usb-real-time-spectrum-analyzer-datasheet                                     Even with interferer hunting feature: “SignalVu-PC Option MAP enables interference hunting and signal strength analysis. Locate interference with azimuth direction function. It lets you draw a line Read more about RSA306 USB Spectrum Analyzer from Tektronix[…]