Es’hail-2 narrow band transponder live streaming

The new GEO stationary ham satellite transponder is it’s in final phase of testing. Now the narrow band channel is actively tested with noise.

Some strange CW transmissions occurs too which is not clear if part of the testing or pirate events, from the Amsat-DL forum:

Here is the recorded CW transmission:

Here is the live stream provided by OpenWebRX from JN97ML locator grid, using an Inverto LNB + 90cm dish + RTL-SDR V3 + DIY bias tee + RPi 3 computer:

The RF hardware setup is very similar to the Inmarsat stream what I have detailed in this article, basically re-used that setup just added the LNB and it’s bias tee:

PS.: the receiver is limited to 8 users now due to 2mbps ADSL uplink speed, this might change in the future. If you cannot enter, please retry later.

Below an other view of the spectrum from SDR# using ‘rtl_tcp’ command to reach my RTl-SDR V3 dongle:

A reference site and an excellent articles by Daniel about the satellite for newcomers:

Update: there is Es’hail 2 is live at the moment! 13.02.2019

OpenWebRX waterfall plot