Es’hail 2 / Qatar-OSCAR 100 bare LNB vs Parabolic dish reception test

Have seen an example of “bare LNB” reception of QO-100 GEO ham satellite from Andreas Preuss, DL5APR. That was quite shocking… So tried to reproduce that experiment using my own receiver setup. Looks like its works fine for stronger signals! I can imagine adding some tricks to the LNB’s horn antenna to improve it’s gain Read more about Es’hail 2 / Qatar-OSCAR 100 bare LNB vs Parabolic dish reception test[…]

Es’hail-2 narrow band transponder live streaming

The new GEO stationary ham satellite transponder is it’s in final phase of testing. Now the narrow band channel is actively tested with noise. Some strange CW transmissions occurs too which is not clear if part of the testing or pirate events, from the Amsat-DL forum: Here is the recorded CW transmission: Here is Read more about Es’hail-2 narrow band transponder live streaming[…]

INMARSAT STD-C EGC live streaming

You will find more details for decoding in this article:  This is an educational purpose audio stream. You can use this audio stream to experiment with narrow band satellite reception without physical ground station (SDR, LNA and antenna hardware) having fun and learning SDR technologies without experience (and investment) in RF Hardware. Simply open in Read more about INMARSAT STD-C EGC live streaming[…]

RPITX V2 measurement plots

Hi, As may many of you seen on RTL-SDR blog the RPITX V2 is out there We made several measurements booth on 434 MHz and 144 MHz and looks like the first still has difficulties while the second (144 MHz) is exceptionally clean, even with PA (1W) and almost no filtering. 434 MHz strange spuriouses Read more about RPITX V2 measurement plots[…]

Receiving WSPR With An RTL-SDR V3 Dongle

The V3 version RTL-SDR blog dongle is perfectly fits for WSPR reception as per my tests. As it has internal switches it uses only one SMA connector for HF (500kHz to 24 MHz) and UHF operation, no need for changing connectors for direct sampling mode.  This makes the RTL-SDR V3 dongle really convenient and easy Read more about Receiving WSPR With An RTL-SDR V3 Dongle[…]